Our members of St. Andrew’s are great at working and celebrating together, sharing generously with each other and our community. Our little church is full of chatter on Sunday morns as we enthusiastically welcome each other to another service to follow the teachings of Jesus. The church bell rings at 8:55 and we somewhat reluctantly gather in our seats; Reverend Julia ever-so-patiently waits for all to be ready to worship.
Our little church is a place for family to visit. Celebrating Christ’s season in song and prayer, baking (our specialty!) for families in need, gathering together for a picnic, or celebrating our Mothers in a Mother’s Day Tea, we gather to make every event joyful. We gladly volunteered to help celebrate 100 years of DeWinton Community, of which St. Andrew’s has been a part of this community’s history.
Come join us at our little church in the country, St. Andrew’s United Church.